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Our Mission

UShareSoft's mission is to make software delivery and management easier, faster and safer.

That mission has given us several design principles that we've never wavered from in developing our products and services:

Any OS, Any Cloud

We're committed to supporting as many operating systems and infrastructure environments as we can, so you can deliver any software to any infrastructure. We're proud that we now support both Windows and Linux, and we keep to OS release cycles as closely as we can. We also support almost all the target environments you could need, be they physical, virtual or cloud, and we're regularly adding new ones.

Full Software Stacks

Unlike many companies, we have a vertically integrated view of the software stack. It doesn't matter whether you want to build a simple base OS template, or a full application stack that includes your OS packages, middleware, database, application software and configuration logic. Our processes are the same either way, so you can assemble all the software components you need, then automatically deliver and configure.

Full Automation

In today's world, APIs are essential for integrating software platforms and automating your processes. We provide 100% API coverage, to make software delivery faster and safer by removing lengthy — and error-prone — manual tasks and processes. Our goal is to make APIs available for each new feature we release.


Along with automation, self-service access to compute, network and storage resources has been one of the deciding factors behind the success of cloud computing. We believe that self-service shouldn't just be restricted to the underlying infrastructure: to take full advantage of the on-demand nature of the cloud, you must be able to provide users with self-service access to software and applications.

Sharing and Collaboration

Post Web 2.0, the ability to share ideas and content has become a given. At UShareSoft, our goals has always been to allow users to share their software stacks, either with other team members via a joint workspace to improve collaboration, or externally using a multi-cloud marketplace to drive adoption and generate revenue. We're excited that our users now have the possibility to do both.