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Featured Videos

UForge AppCenter - Build VMs & Templates

Learn how to build application templates and VMs on any OS for any cloud!

UForge AppCenter - Migrate Servers

How to migrate your applications to cloud in two and a half minutes!

Mathon Video Case Study on Plug2watt (in French)

Mathon talk about why they are using Plug2Watt, APX and UShareSoft for their cloud infrastructure.

Partner Videos

UShareSoft and SUSE

CEO Alban Richard talks about how UShareSoft's UForge App Center complements SUSE Cloud infrastructure platform for a complete, easy-to-use hybrid cloud solution.

UShareSoft and Plug2watt (in French)

UShareSoft CEO Alban Richard talks about how the company's UForge AppCenter enables Plug2watt, a single pane of glass for onboarding software to Cloudwatt's public cloud and hybrid environments.

Event Videos

UShareSoft and OpenCloudware

CEO Alban Richard and OpenCloudware Projet Manager Daniel Stern tell you more about OpenCloudware, the vApp lifecycle management solution for multi-cloud.

UShareSoft's new Hammr Project

Alexandre Lefebvre gives an overview of Hammr, UShareSoft's new open-source CLI for industrialising machine image creation for hybrid cloud.

Become an Internal Cloud Services Broker (in French)

CEO Alban Richard talks about how UShareSoft helps enterprise IT departments transform their IT infrastructure and broker cloud services internally.

Interview with UShareSoft CEO, BFM Business TV

TV interview with UShareSoft's Alban Richard in Paris.

Video Demos

Migrate a Server from VMware Fusion to Amazon Web Services

Paul Laskin, from UShareSoft's US office, demonstrates how to migrate a server from VMware Fusion to Amazon Web Services. The same method can be used to migrate a server from any platform to any other platform.